Community Services

Community Service is a social responsibility of an organisation or an individual to uplift & uphold the well-being of people. Healthcare fraternity has always pioneered the art of connecting with human beings by doing wide range of initiatives for the community. Healthcare organizations collaborate with other organizations or people to offer various services such as Eye Camps, Diabetic Checkups, Blood Donation Camps, Cardiac Evaluation Camps etc Community eye service plays all the more important role as human beings see the world through their eyes. It is a service provided in the community by ophthalmologist and their trained team with specialized knowledge and skills in caring for people with conditions related to their eyes.



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Total Number of Districts Covered


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Create awareness about eye care to all

Eliminate needless blindness

Save vision by providing end to end eye care to man kind

Offering the best in class community eye care services

Why Community Services?

Encouraging people to seek out eye care services involves raising awareness about eye care in general, raising awareness about the existence and benefits of a particular eye clinic or hospital and being clear about the costs involved. People in the community may be unaware of the existence of eye care services; they may also think that they do not need the services, or that they will not be able to afford the treatments. People may fear eye surgery; they may also believe that some eye disorders cannot be prevented or cured. Hence increasing people’s awareness about eye care is necessary. We uphold the essence of mankind by offering services to communities under following categories: