Bangalore Nethralaya is one of the leading super speciality eye care hospital based in Bangalore. With the vision to serve the society and cater to needs of people from all walks of life, Bangalore Nethralaya was started in the year 2007. Since last 10yrs, the organisation has grown to two branches in Bangalore and has plans to expand.

Bangalore Nethralaya is the brain child of Dr. N. Veerabhadra Rao and Dr. Sharada P. Rao. Both of them believe that scenario of the blindness both locally and internationally can be addressed in much more efficient and effective manner. Keeping the vision of serving the society at a larger level, Bangalore Nethralaya aims at following aspects.

1. End to end eye care solution to entire mankind.
2. Ethical practise coupled with highly specialised expertise.
3. Simple and cost effective service for everyone.
4. Usage of world class technology to offer best eye care treatment.
5. Building next generation “Eye care professionals”.
6. Nurture the concept of Centre of Excellence (COE) in ophthalmology by institutionalising best in class solutions.

Key Differentiators

1. Qualitative treatment with high service orientation.
2. Patient Centric Approach.
3. High satisfaction level of patients.
4. Has unique blend of community service orientation despite of being a private organisation.
5. Able to understand sensibilities and sensitivities of rural India.
6. Focused team of experts catering to people from remote locations.
7. Spreading constant positive message about eye care.

Chairman’s Message

Welcome to Bangalore Nethralaya!
Around us there are many interesting positive things happening. I strongly believe that Healthcare is a God’s given opportunity to serve the mankind. Three most inspiring and driving factors for incorporation of Bangalore Nethralaya are Service, Quality and Ethics in caring mankind.

There has been lack of awareness amongst people with respect to overall health quotient. With respect to eyes which is instrumental to see the world, there is general tendency of ignoring basic preventive eye care. Multiple reasons like lack of experts, reachability, availability of world class technology treatment are some of the prime factors which has limited eye care in modern world.

We operate with the triangular concept of connecting human beings, society,and organisations to ensure high quality eye care treatment at affordable cost in India. We started our journey a decade back ensuring people in our country gets “The best treatment when it comes to eye care”.

We understand the pain as well as pleasure point of how our country people think and we uphold the same with our values in the treatment. Bangalore Nethralaya is the place where common man’s vision is glittered and we try with utmost sincerity to address all the aspects of eye care such as awareness, education, identifying disease at early stage and we wholistically work towards preventing needless blindness consistently. You can get first-hand experience of considering patient as “Guest” in Bangalore Nethralaya and we strike cordial relationship with all the stakeholders involved. I am proud to say that we are in “ Ethical business with the highest order of commitment and quality” and upholding Indian concept of “Vaidyo Narayano Harihi”. Besides, we believe in building excellent next generation eye care specialists.

I welcome you all to go through the journey of Bangalore Nethralaya and I am sure that your experience with your eyes and heart will be definitely convincing.
Thank you for consistent encouragement to visualise big.

Our Team


Excellence in Eye care


Building next generation eye care professionals with high level of quality, service and ethics to mankind


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