About Glaucoma Service

  • Glaucoma, the silent thief of sight, is the common cause of blindness in our community.
  • Identification and early diagnosis of the disease is very important as it causes an irreversible damage to the vision.
  • We, at Bangalore Nethralaya, are committed to this very objective and thus strive for it. Screening for glaucoma is done with non-contact tonometer by an optometrist initially followed by an elaborative evaluation with glaucoma specialist.
  • We are equipped with state of the art technology like applanation/air puff/ iCare tonometers, Humphrey field analyzer [Carl Zeiss] and Optical coherence tomography(OCT) so that the diagnosis is never missed.
  • Treatment

  • Treatment for glaucoma depends on the staging of the disease and the other associated ocular findings of the patient. Medical management in the form of eye drops is suggested in the initial visit to control the intraocular pressure and thus bring the disease under control. If the medical management fails to bring the disease under control, laser treatment and surgical management is advised with all risks and benefits being explained to the patient. Surgical management includes trabeculectomy with or without the usage of antimetabolites, trabeculectomy with ologen, and glaucoma drainage devices like the Ahmed glaucoma valve, the AADI valve etc. Glaucoma experts at Bangalore Nethralaya are also well trained to deal with congenital and juvenile glaucomas with high success rate.
  • Since glaucoma is a disease for life it also needs medication to be put continuously with good compliance of the patient being needed. So we at Bangalore Nethralaya are committed to constant education of the patients about the nature and severity of the disease and also explaining the patient about the importance of putting the drops and the technique of the instilling the drop to avoid any drop outs and medicine wastage.
  • Experts

    • Dr. Sharada P Rao

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    Around 5000 Glaucoma surgeries carried out in Bangalore Nethralaya